TEAM 6907



The FRC Team 6907 is from the High School Affiliated to Fudan University. It was founded in July, 2017.

The team used the abbreviation of The G.O.A.T., Greatest of All Time, as the team name.

We think that our teammates’ talents and skills are not inferior to any team.

With our unique perspective and ambition, we also proved our strength in this year.



As a team that participated in the FRC competition for the first time, we took part in the competition of 2018 FRC Shanghai Regional as our rookie battle. However, we tried to overcome all the difficulties during the game. On March 18th, we won the league leader in the Shanghai Regional Champions League and the gracious professionalism award, became the first in the ranking, attained the highest score in the rookie, and were invited to participate in the final in Houston. At the same time, we also created a history record for the FRC: a rookie team that won the championship and became the champion league leader, and within a few days we became one of the legends of STEM.



FRC Team 6907 not only focuses on our machine, we also try our best to spread the cooperation and professional spirit of FIRST among junior high schoolmates and expand our influence. We hope we can make even more with our modest strength. More children and young people are involved in science, technology, engineering and mathematics nowadays. We also hope to inspire more young leaders to show their leadership and contribute to the world.

In March 2018, the team 6907 came to Shanghai Yuyu Middle School. This school has its own team of Lego robots, and this team once scored the fourth best result in Shanghai. As an FRC team, we are certainly happy to help these youngsters who are still working on Lego robots. We spent the whole afternoon helping them improve their LEGO robots that they’ve been working on for a semester. We also talked about what they will learn in science, technical engineering and mathematics in the future and how to prepare for what’s coming. It can be said that we have helped them a lot this time. After this exchange, we also interviewed several students about the visit. They all greatly appreciated our help as big brothers and sisters. In the process, their robots have been improved. They have learned about the FRC competition. What’s more, they have a new understanding of technology activities and professions. We have thus established friendship with Weiyu Middle School.

At the same time, we are also in contact with Shanghai Youth Science Society of the China Science and Technology Association and are ready to further cooperation and jointly organize the promotion of FRC propaganda and education.

We have close communication with other FRC teams both on and off the court; we don’t hesitate when other teams borrow tools or materials from us; we also provide technical guidance to our friends. It is precisely because of our good communication skills and the spirit of win-win cooperation, teams from different countries and schools have established friendly relations with us and thus further cooperation.